Adobe Elements 9 to Lightroom 5.3 ===> My experience

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Re: Adobe Elements 9 to Lightroom 5.3 ===> My experience

Sirandar wrote:

From the OP

No transition ever goes smoothly I guess and I did have a number of issues when I actually got down to doing PP work.

1) When you convert a Photoshop Elements Catalog to Lightroom 5.3 the Standard Previews and 1:1 Previews get messed up really bad. When you try to do a complete build of these previews, Lightroom gets stuck and even caused a bluescreen (I haven't seen a bluescreen in years) ..... the good news is the fix is easy ..... just delete the previews directory after every thing is imported and stable and then do a preview build and I had no problems.

2) The other issue was stranger and caused me more grief. I started processing jpgs and I noticed they looked washed out and ugly in Lightroom despite looking great on the camera and in Elements. I forgot Elements sets its own colourspace and doesn't use the Windows one. It stumped me for quite a while as i thought LR would never rely on the Windows colourspace.

A quick visit to Windows 7 colour management identified the problem .... Win7 was using some Samsung preset from I don't know where.

The only other thing that seems bizarre is that a simple cut and paste of LR settings from 1 picture copes well to another single picture, but not a group of pictures. I could make a preset i guess but I often don't need to ...... why doesn't this work?

There's more than one way to skin a cat but here's one way to do what you want that is pretty simple.  If you select the applicable images in the Film Strip and then change the Sync button at the bottom of the adjustment controls to Auto-Sync any changes you make to one image will also be applied to the other selected images.

Here's a couple screenshots illustrating what I'm saying:

In this shot you can see the 4 images selected in the Film Strip and you'll also notice the "Sync" button near the bottom right above the Film Strip.

In this shot you can see that I've changed the "Sync" to "Auto Sync" and I've increased the Exposure.  As you can see all 4 images reflect the exposure change in the Film Strip.

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