Moving to Olympus OM-D from Nikon for studio work

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Re: Moving to Olympus OM-D from Nikon for studio work

Having moved to Olympus from the D200, I think you'll like the switch.

I think the E-M1 gives better results than the older Nikons.  It's certainly better than my D200, although you have the 3 series so the difference probably narrows.

I love having IS for every lens. The primes and normal range zooms for Nikon don't normally have VR, which I find frustrating. Nikon doesn't think you need VR below about 100mm, except on kit zooms.

Although the IQ will be similar for any of the OM-D series, the better viewfinder coupled with the wifi of the E-M1 make it a great studio machine and worth the extra money in my opinion.

The lens options for the m43 system are a better value in my opinion. The 12-35 and 12-40 are half the cost of the Nikon equivalent and give great results. The 45mm and 25mm prime options are outstanding. Of course, if you are heavily invested in Nikon glass, this doesn't help much. On the other hand, I've not had any problem selling my Nikon lenses.

The downside of the m43 is the third-party wireless ttl options that are available for Nikon. You won't find anything like the Pocketwizard FlexTTL for the m43 system.  If you use manual flash though, it won't matter.

Good luck.

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