What is this forum for?

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Re: What is this forum for?

PaleRiderBath wrote:

Good day to you all. I don't often post here but have lurked for many years. Over the last day or so, I have been browsing the forum for the first time in a while and am much saddened by what I have found. On just this first page I have witnessed:

  • Insults.
  • Forum members attacking other members.
  • Some really quite sophisticated trolling.
  • Some really very unsophisticated trolling.
  • Bickering and fighting.
  • Threads and posts disappearing all over the place.
  • A general air of dissent and discontent.

You missed out:

  • Vitriolic criticism of equipment the "reviewer" has never used, touched or even seen
  • Asking advice about what equipment to buy despite the poster not having the faintest idea what they will be using it for
  • All-out brand warfare
  • Fierce defence of the poster's own buying decisions and vitriolic criticism of those of others
  • Proof by assertion - on a grand scale

Welcome to the Interweb. 

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