dpQ platform potential musings.....

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Paul Petersen
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dpQ platform potential musings.....

Reclining in my office chair contemplating the meaning of the off the hook body design of the new Quattro series I have some thoughts to share.

As unconventional as the grip of the camera may seem if you hold your and in the position that would conform I notice that the wrist in in a relaxed straight position versus the normal bend to hold a conventional camera grip like my SD14.  Perhaps the idea is to have the muscles more relaxed and less likely to start twitching causing vibration.  Try it out.  Print one of the product shots out and hold your hand over it on the table if you need help visualizing.

Making the DP more gripable may open up the platform to some new version one the dp Series.

Perhaps a cut down of the 17-50 2.8 with OS and hard mounted.  That grip would really support the weight. A zoom is just too convenient for most folks, I understand the philosophy of three compromised primes but most folks only want to carry one camera.

One of Yamaki-san goals is to expand their share of the camera market.

A good strategy IMHO to overcome the inertia of the majority of the market being burdened with a strong collection of Canon and Nikon mount lenses.  I would propose a couple of version with a hard mounted lens adapter tube projecting out.  Inside it could house the required hardware for a fully functional mounts needed hardware.  A focal plane shutter at the rear.  No mirror, PD AF or metering hardware since the dpQ does it all off the sensor.  Just the electrical interfaces and electro-mechanicals to operate aperture cocker/feeler on Nikon and an AF screw drive motor and its control board. Lastly out front the good old IR hot mirror/dust protector being removable for IR shooting.  Possible names dpe Quattro for EOS mount and dpf Quattro for F mount.

Why build for somebody else's mount?  Why not, Sigma builds their lenses for it. Sigma is not in a position to compete for the Sports shooting market the one area where Yamaki-san said candidly if high ISO is what you need this is not the sensor for you. Sigma needs to get photographers exposed to their unique capabilities to expand their market.  The addition of a tool such as this to a photographer opens up a lot capability to a photographer traditional CMOS bodies cannot do like full color imaging and IR convertibility. Think of these 35 SLR mount versions as sort of a gateway drug to get photographers hooked on Foveon IQ and them maybe move them towards taking a bigger plunge into a fulling functioning SD1 Quattro and the rest of the Sigma ecosystem.


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