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Re: what?

Paul Auclair wrote:

you went to a store to buy a camera?

the camera of your choice was at the store and available for sale?

the salesperson was 'rather' lacking in his/her knowledge of the camera?

you already knew about all of the features of the camera that the salesperson did not?

I didn't know everything about the camera (although most everything) this was my opportunity to get a better understanding of the ergonomics and WiFi in particular.  In the two specific examples I gave:

First regarding WiFi, I asked the sales guy about it to better understand it's capabilities and the sales person gave a firm answer (needed access to a wifi base station and picture upload only, not able to control the camera) that I didn't think was right and confirmed by downloading the manual at home.  I thought he was wrong in the store and wasn't going to buy until confirming.  Lost sale.

In the second example, the touchscreen wasn't enabled and asked about the touch screen as I was trying to figure it out.  He stated it didn't have one. While the WiFi is a more advanced feature the touchscreen is pretty basic I think.

I don't mind him knowing less but as pointed out by another poster (re portland store) would much more appreciate and respect an answer of "I don't know, lets take a look and figure that out".  As these were such basics, particularly the touch screen it brought into question their credibility.  I understand that they will know more about CN but the outright wrong information lost the sale.

you chose not to buy the camera because the salesperson knew less than you about the camera?

No, choose not to buy the camera because the information they gave me regarding WiFi was contrary  to what I understood and  this was a feature of particular interest to me that I then needed to further research before spending $1400.  And further supporting my decision not to buy was the certainty of his answers to the two examples given.  As stated, for me this brings into question credibility in what would be a significant transaction.

you leave the store empty handed and plan to order a camera sight unseen to be shipped/mailed?

Yes, from a online retailer that I have done business with multiple times over the years and have had good service from.  Ironically, this store sells online also, both directly and via amazon I think.  Their in store perfomance in this instance was frustrating and lost this sale. I have bought other items from them, but not big ticket.


would you have purchased the camera if there wasn't a discussion with any salesperson?

No, I went there specifically because there was a sales person to talk to and they had the product in stock so would be able to handle it (was able to confirm the ergonomics are good).  Finding m4/3 locally in stores has been a challenge for me, this was a pleasant surprise.  In the past they only carried lower end models.   That they didn't have full product knowledge wasn't the issue but rather their certainty in what was incorrect product knowledge which put doubt in my mind about a key feature for me.

substitute 'camera' for any item/word and the situation still does not make much sense to me.

*sure, BH might sell 'camera' for less money but most stores do price match. now you added wait time (you could using the camera now instead of waiting for it to be delivered) and what happens if/when you need to return/exchange the camera...more wait time.

Price wasn't the issue (although the 6% sales tax savings is nice).  There price is the same as BH, prices on the EM-1 are not discounted at all from what I have seen.

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Being a BM store is tough.  I tried, they failed.  Despite the fact they had a unit there, and I could handle it and would be able to walk out the door right then and there, they lost the sale not because of their lack of product info but because of their incorrect product information.  Very simply in this case a poor sales job lost the sale.  Not a done deal I won't go back but it is a 70 mile round trip for me so not a gimme for buying a floor stock model they probably won't discount.

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