Bait and switch

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Re: Bait and switch

What you got was an acknowledgment of receipt of the order, which is different from the email confirmation. In the email confirmation, they tell you that they have charged your card for a particular amount. Then, if they are quick about shipping, they also give you a shipping tracking number, or you get a separate email for that.

Was this your first online buying experience? Sorry it didn't work out for you, but the deal didn't happen. You are out no money and the product did not get charged or shipped. You should have gotten back to them sooner than a month when you didn't get the shipping notice. Every online supplier I've dealt with always sends an email saying my card has been charged for so-and-so, and then a shipping notice. If you don't know that, consider this part of the learning process.

I'm done here, but feel free to whine some more.

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- Bill

Normally 2 sides to every dispute. It's rare on forums to get the full true story from the 'injured' party. There is usually a 'slant' on the tale somewhere.

As this is a public forum I'd also be aware of the potential of legal action from an 'injured party' ie the online retailer if the retailer is named and the story as set out by the OP turns out to be untrue.

Posters on public forums using clearnet often seem to think they are immune to action for libel if they post that So & So (named) online retailer did this, said this etc and are a bunch of scamming con artists etc.

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