Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

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Re: Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

Skytalker wrote:

I am not sure your interpretation of DXOmark data is correct in terms of no camera can match the D800E. Just a brief example, the D800E is outperformed at the well praised DR by the Canon 5Dmk3 starting with ISO800 if you rely on the data provided by DXOmark:

Dynamic Range D800E vs Canon5D Mark III source DXOMarlk

I see. The problem is in the "Screen"option selected. That reflects what you see when zoomed to 1:1 pixels. You have to select "Print" option to compare how overall image is affected. Since D800 has more pixels, their noise, even if equal pixel-for-pixel, will be more hidden as they are smaller (or when you downsample it gets averaged out). End result is that these two curves will not cross at ISO 800 but later at ISO 3200 and even after that the difference between D800E and 5DmkIII is at measurement error (note that D800 is slightly worse in comparison to D800E in this test).

And then the D4 is another camera that outperforms the D800 E in pretty much the same conditions after ISO200 ...

To say nothing can match the D800E in terms of image quality I am afraid is not correct.

Dynamic Range D800# vs D4 source DXOMark


In D800E vs. D4 using "Print" option: D4 is better at ISO 800 and higher, but for overall picture the difference is not as big as in the per-pixel measurement.

Here are all three in Print mode:

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