Tried to buy local, no sale.

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Re: Tried to buy local, no sale.

El Chubasco wrote:

I've had a pretty similar experience with our local store. It is part of a regional chain with 5-6 stores, but it is a local store and I'd kind of like to support it. I'm sure they're much more knowledgeable about Canon and Nikon but they don't seem very interested in m43 and generally don't have much in stock. When I bought my E-M5 it wasn't widely available and I had the sales folks at the local store put me on their list. I never have heard from them. They just haven't really given me any good reason to purchase much stuff there. They don't have stuff in stock to get my hands on to try. They're not knowledgeable or much interested in Olympus and Panasonic m43 equipment, etc.

I had the same experience in a local store. I got the impression that they only know canon and nikon well and that is what they try to sell. I believe they feel more comfortable showing those cameras because, aside for the sensor, their technology and handling is pretty much the same as 40 years ago. When cameras mostly sold by real local stores and 35mm was the only option.

When asking about cameras the salesman told me to forget m4/3 as an option. "The sensor is garbage, it is as small as your phone sensor and I would not consider that format" he said. I obviously walked out. I wonder why sales of m4/3 are low in the US. Sales people do not know the cameras. Olympus and Panasonic should recognize that and start a training program for camera stores, teaching about their products and their advantages if the want to in erase the market.

You should have asked to speak to another sales person or the manager.  The guy you dealt with didn't know squat but that's not a complete indictment of the store itself.

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