PCB Einstein's - go with Cyber Sync or PocketWizard + PowerMC2?

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Re: PCB Einstein's - go with Cyber Sync or PocketWizard + PowerMC2?

Though this is an aging discussion... I have been using both approaches (the Buff CyberCommander as well as the PW Mini+AC3) for about a year and have nothing but good things to say about the CyberCommander. When used with Einsteins & AlienBees, the control of in-studio lights is unmatched. 1/10th stop increments don't bother me at all--you can hold down the joystick to fast-forward/backward -- it doesn't actually require 10 bumps on the joystick to adjust a full f-stop. While the GUI could be better, the thing has so many more functions than anything else, I don't know how anyone can expect both simplicity and rich functionality at the same time. It takes an investment of time & practice to learn the CC, but the benefits are enormous.  And the cool thing is the ability to save up to 50 pre-determined configurations of up to 16 separately-controlled lights. So you don't really HAVE to use all those menus all the time.

I got the MC2's & AC9's for my Buff lights so I could mix speedlights with the Buff lights while on-location to leverage my PW & speedlight investment. The AC3 dial is definitely a simple, straightforward way to control the power of GROUPS of lights, but you lose unique individual light control when you have more than 3. I use this approach to mix a little iTTL from a speedlight-on-a-stick with the Einsteins in the corners at reception halls. For wedding processions where flash is allowed, I use the AC3 to quickly setup/control a couple of lights that then get disabled as soon as the procession is over.  I can confirm that with the Einsteins, the 2013 firmware update to the MC2 does allow "re-centering" the 6-stop range of the AC3 to any 6-stop range of the Einstein -- so you aren't stuck with just the top 6 power settings as originally released.  It works great and is simple to change on-the-fly.

I find both approaches to controlling lights useful and just recognize their unique limitations.

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