Tried to buy local, no sale.

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William Porter
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welcome to the future

Here in the Dallas-Fort Worth "Metroplex" in Texas — a very large population center — there are only three camera stores that are any good. Unfortunately, the closest one to me is about 30 minutes away, and the best one (Arlington Camera) is more like an hour away. These three stores are staffed by photographers and they know what they're talking about because they use the equipment they're selling. That's what it takes.

There are many other stores that sell some cameras, but none of those stores make their money exclusively from selling camera equipment. Wolf Camera used to be a fairly decent consumer-oriented equipment store, but nowadays, in Dallas at least, their focus is selling printing, frames, etc. Their equipment inventory is now much more limited than it used to be. I don't bother to go in there any more.

I buy most of my equipment from Amazon. Nowadays buying from Amazon isn't tax-free (alas), and I suppose eliminates an advantage online resellers used to have over local resellers. But Amazon is simply too easy to buy from. They have virtually everything. Most of the time, regardless of what I order, I can get it tomorrow for about $4 or day-after-tomorrow for free. And almost equally important, returns to Amazon are hassle-free.

Welcome to the future. Bricks and mortar stores are doomed, unless they can figure out a new way to make themselves indispensable. I don't see how they do it myself; if I did, I would be making a lot more money than I am.


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