Tried to buy local, no sale.

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We can order it for you...

I live in a town of 60,000 people and it has a small camera store. The usual C/N, Panasonic, Olympus

and a bunch of P&S cameras. Its very nice to have the store in town, but twice I'v walked in ready to buy (camera once, lens another time) and it seems its either we can sell you this display model, "sorry no discount, we just put it out" or "we can order it for you and have it here in a few days".

I'v bought my accessories at this store when I see something I want/need but it seems any large ticket item is just not in stock. So, as you might expect, I can order a camera or lens or any other photo related item on line, save a little money and "have it in a few days". Come on photo stores, get with the current state of retailing or just be a "instant digital print" and photo album store. Wake up!!!

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