This is NOT about Canon vs Nikon but I need some real advice (Nikon d70, Canon 5D MKI) what now...

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This is NOT about Canon vs Nikon but I need some real advice (Nikon d70, Canon 5D MKI) what now...

Hello and help,

I need some advice from former canon 5d (MKI or MKII) users and current nikon d610/600 users.

long story short..I had a nikon d70 for years as my main camera ( I do weddings and social events), so I decided to switch to full frame for many diferent reasons. I found a canon 5d MKI at a bargain price and I decided to pick up the camera.

I love the new camera IQ and although I miss the 500 flash sync from the d70 and the general buttons layout, the canon worked just fine for my! but......and this is a BIG but....

After some heavy rain the previous hours to a wedding the 5D went nuts and the AF stop woorking, the mettering too and the flash shoe on the camera didn't work either.

It's important for me to say that the canon was never exposed the the rain or water it was always in the same bag as my d70. I end up working with the trusty d70...big disapointment for me since I was planing to build around Canon (planning to buy a 6d in the future). to be honest now I dont feel confident abou it, I never had this issue with the d70. is fair to say that I do live in South America and heavy humedity is very common..that's what strike me the most the nikon d70 a prosumer camera never stoped working or malfunction because of wheather conditions.

Now I'm thinking on selling the 5D and get a Nikon d610; I will apretiate any advice from people who owns this camera and work in similar conditions. will the Nikon d610 resist the heavy whater conditions as my old d70 (comon sense say yes but I will like to hear from you guys).

Thank you in advance for your feedback and apologize about my english since it's not my first languaje.


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