Tried to buy local, no sale.

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Paul Auclair Veteran Member • Posts: 4,743

you went to a store to buy a camera?

the camera of your choice was at the store and available for sale?

the salesperson was 'rather' lacking in his/her knowledge of the camera?

you already knew about all of the features of the camera that the salesperson did not?

you chose not to buy the camera because the salesperson knew less than you about the camera?

you leave the store empty handed and plan to order a camera sight unseen to be shipped/mailed?


would you have purchased the camera if there wasn't a discussion with any salesperson?

substitute 'camera' for any item/word and the situation still does not make much sense to me.

*sure, BH might sell 'camera' for less money but most stores do price match. now you added wait time (you could using the camera now instead of waiting for it to be delivered) and what happens if/when you need to return/exchange the camera...more wait time.

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