Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

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Re: Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

Perhaps the most significant reason more semi-pro shooters shoot Canon over Nikon is because the Canon 5D Mark II was marketed to woman while the D700 was marketed to men. The 5D Mark II is lighter, has nearly twice the resolution, and shoots video, while the D700 is more expensive, robust, heavier, performs slightly better at higher iso and has a significantly better autofocus. Twenty megapixels with video sounds better than twelve megapixels without, just as thirty six sound better than twenty, but in truth for shooting people out of the studio twelve is enough.

The D800/E is designed as the best iso 100 camera on the market. It is the best portraiture and landscape camera you can buy. The 5D Mark III was designed as an overall excellent camera that performs well in a variety of lighting conditions, and it is lighter than the D800. Canon still markets this camera to their core female constituents. Nikon has decided to take the overall approach to the D4. It is the best overall performing low light camera ever made. It has manageable file sizes, great speed, solid image quality across the iso range of 100-12k (about 1 stop better than the 5D Mark III). I started with the D700, owned the D3s, and now the D4. The D4 is best overall, but the D3s is a very close second. If I were looking for a pro wedding body I would look at a used D3s before I looked at the D800. The used D3s is the best value in a pro body. If I were looking at a light camera for non-professional use with light primes I would look at the Df. It has the same sensor as the D4 and actually has slightly better high iso noise performance. The D4 shines with heavier zooms.

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