Need some feedback - Stylus 1 or E-PM2 Decision

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Re: Need some feedback - Stylus 1 or E-PM2 Decision

I researched the Stylus 1 prior to purchase and hoped that it would fill my desires.

It has with a few exceptions.

I live in an area that is ‘bright’ most of the time. Good DR or highlight protection along with CA protection/processing is important.

The negatives I have are:

The necessity to shoot and process raw

Somewhat limited DR

Loss of color in shadow areas even at base iso

The propensity for some CA most times (in high contrast)

No auto panorama mode

Clicking noise in video (don’t use video and have assigned the video button to another function…but still)

The limited assignment of functions to all programmable buttons

With all of the above said, I still would buy the Stylus 1 even if I had known these shortcomings.

The af is fast and accurate

I have come to really appreciate the manual focusing which allows me to nail the focus of a bird even if surrounded by branches. The implementation is good enough that I can keep the camera’s vf stuck to my eye while making these adjustments.

Iso 100~400 is good enough for me.

I’m even enjoying the touch screen.

Until I get a bit better handle on this camera my deer herd will be my testing grounds.

Pretty happy with the eye lash detail on this one at 300mm, iso 200 and falling light


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