Diffraction Limit Discussion Continuation

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Re: Diffraction Limit Discussion Continuation

Jonny Boyd wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

That seems eminently sensible. I note pixel size doesn't come into it.

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He didn't even look at pixel size.

Indeed, that's one reason he's being sensible.

There is zero investigation there of whether or not pixel size makes a difference.

Simply not true. Of course, it depends what the 'difference' is that you're referring to, but if it's the f-number for peak resolution, the theory would suggest that it makes no difference (since the system PSF is the convolution of lens and camera PSF, and only the lens is f-number dependent to any significant degree), moreover none of the lens testing sites which have tested the same lens on different pixel count cameras shows any shift in the peak with pixel size.

given that the photo.net page that lays out the calculations refers to film I'm guessing that whoever put that page together wasn't looking to see if pixel size doesn't impose any additional limitations.

Until someone comes up with some evidence that this shift in the peak with f-number exists (evidence, you know the stuff, made up from real observations, not made-up numbers) there really isn't any point 'looking to see'. It'd be more productive looking for the yeti.

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