Tried to buy local, no sale.

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Let's be realistic

I bought my EM1 and EM5 from my local camera store. They're good guys, but they weren't up to every last detail on those particular cameras, and I didn't expect them to be - they sell a lot of cameras, C/N are still their mainstays, and these cameras are getting rather complex, so it's hard to be up to date on every single one of them.

On the good side, they had the EM1 in stock (I ordered the EM5 when it was first announced), they handle any warranty issues, price was about the same as it is online, and they had a nice stock of µ43 lenses, so I got to try them out when I was there.

The other nice thing about that store was, I also got to try out a lot of other cameras. Loved the Fuji XE2 and XM1, thought the Nikon Df was very handsome, and the Sony A7 was small, but pretty rough to use - felt like it was about half finished and rushed to market.

Also tried out a Canon 1DsII they had on the used rack at a nice price ($1k). Very competent, but that thing was huge! Like putting a cinderblock up to your face. Big, heavy, unwieldy. No thanks, using that isn't fun, it's just plain hard work.

We've come a long way.

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