What is this forum for?

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Re: What is this forum for?

PaleRiderBath wrote:

Good day to you all. I don't often post here but have lurked for many years. Over the last day or so, I have been browsing the forum for the first time in a while and am much saddened by what I have found. On just this first page I have witnessed:

  • Insults.
  • Forum members attacking other members.
  • Some really quite sophisticated trolling.
  • Some really very unsophisticated trolling.
  • Bickering and fighting.
  • Threads and posts disappearing all over the place.
  • A general air of dissent and discontent.

I was hoping to come on and ask a couple of questions but it does not look like I would be very welcome to do so. Is this forum still suitable for such a purpose or has it completely descended into chaos now? It was always a bit "edgy" in here, but it seems to be out of control now. What has been the cause of this and is it worth my effort to ask questions here?

Actually I think it mirrors society as a whole in recent years. People don't like each other anymore, and are willing to fight over anything. They don't even need a believable excuse to start a vitriolic food fight.

In truth I think it's a result of lack of discipline, which use too be enforced by parents, and schools at one time. Those kids that grew up without fear of consequences are now adults, and what you see is what you get. For example when I was a kid if a teacher hit me the last thing I would do is report it to my parents, or further punishment would ensue. Basically we're living with a bunch of over indulged spoiled brat adults. You know their very sensitive delicate flowers when it comes to their own feelings though. That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.

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