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Class warfare?

rondhamalam wrote:

PaleRiderBath wrote:

Good day to you all. I don't often post here but have lurked for many years. Over the last day or so, I have been browsing the forum for the first time in a while and am much saddened by what I have found. On just this first page I have witnessed:

  • Insults.

Most insults are because they don't have money to buy expensive gears. Hence frustration and depression and jealousy and hatred.

They who have money to buy all the most expensive gears they never need to come to this forum.

Note: This is not an insult, only fact

For the life of me I don't understand this rationale being defined as a FACT. I'm sitting here looking at $16,000 worth of Nikon bodies, lenses, flashes and assorted accessories. Granted many others here own quite a bit more than me, but I salute them for that and have absolutely zero jealousy. This is just your typical 1% argument that human nature dictates you MUST be green with envy towards those with more possessions/materials goods than yourself and that this "1%" has accumulated all their wealth and possessions by ripping off the 99%. For a few on these forums this may apply, and it is probably obvious who they are.

But for anyone to say that the majority here MUST be jealous because they don't own and shoot one particular Nikon body or lens is stupidity and is only intended to cause forum-chaos - plain and simple. This baloney has been perpetuated by one individual over and over and over again, so it looks like you've bought into his ignorance. And it has recently come to light that this looneytoon is only here to "dick" people around then go on facebook and have a good laugh with his buddies. IMHO, this is a blatant mockery of the forum and its moderator.

The people who do have the most expensive arsenal on this forum usually have the most knowledge of their gear. Their photographic skills may not always match their knowledge, but these pros contribute a great deal to this forum regarding Nikon and I have learned a lot from them. Most of them worked long, hard and smart to get what they shoot with and I commend them for it.

When you stated the "facts" as you see them, you really miss the point that this latter group of people NEVER brag about the monetary value of their gear and for the most part are here to help others. This group may be diminishing in numbers because of all the "dick'n" that has been going on recently, and that is sad. So when you say something is a fact, you should be saying it's just your opinion which I have stated about this post.


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