I own an E-M1 and an X-T1. I'll probably sell the E-M1, but it's not a clear choice.

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Re: I own an E-M1 and an X-T1. I'll probably sell the E-M1, but it's not a clear choice.

Godfrey wrote:

The Photo Ninja wrote:

I blogged about it here: http://www.bershatsky.com/blog/2014/2/x-t1

Bottom line?

E-M1: Faster focusing and more responsive

X-T1: Nicer optics and images

I like the looks of the X-T1 images so much, that I'll deal with the slower speed and handling.

Another thing that occurs to me, is that all of the pictures were shot in very low light at an average of ISO 6400. Perhaps that is why my focusing experience was less than optimal.

It doesn't matter really. Both are excellent cameras with the potential to make top notch photos. Pick whichever one you like most, accept its advantages and its warts, and sell the other if you don't want to afford keeping and using both. Exploit the advantages—work around the warts.

I have a complete Sony E-M1 kit with Olympus and Panasonic-Leica lenses that works beautifully. And I have a complete Sony A7 kit with Leica R and Nikkor SLR lenses that works beautifully. For me, the format differences are enough to enjoy keeping and using both.

I've had little interest in the Fuji X series cameras because of the sensor and the cameras' ergonomics. They just don't work in my hands as nicely as the E-M1 does. The A7 is a little clunky compared to the E-M1 too, but now that I have it configured for my needs it works very nicely. So far, I've not been able to configure a Fuji X camera such that I really liked using it, and I still don't see much advantage to the sensor when it comes to processing raw files.

But as I said, it doesn't matter really. Just pick what youlike and work with it. That's the important thing.

Very well said!

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