Nikon D4 Assymetrical Problem Follow-up (February 2014)

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Re: Leonard - Excellent point. My experience in getting my D800 AF calibrated

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

nikonjohn wrote:

is that Nikon sent me pictures of the test charts they used and at least to this novice they looked like they were set up to reliably measure AF performance and avoid the type of problems outlined in my owners manual that would compromise accurate autofocus.

It seems rare to hear of Nikon releasing detail of the test chart they uses.

As you have the pictures posting them would be very interesting.

(I'm not nikonjohn, but...)

Their test set up for testing Left/Centre/Right AF issues uses targets very similar to Thom Hogan's, except that the central target is orientated vertically (i.e. vertical lines, rather than horizontal). Each target is larger than an AF sensor bounding box (as seen through the viewfinder). Each target sits on a wide, sloped ruler, to quantify the degree of front/back focus.

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