Newbie asks for input on 2 lens setup for XT1

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Newbie asks for input on 2 lens setup for XT1

Hi, I'm looking for input / recommendations on a 2 lens setup to accompany my incoming XT1. I am new to the fuji ecosystem.

Background. +2 years of watching / drooling xpro and x100s while saving spare money and a brief purchase and return of an OMD after thinking it would meet my GAS for the fuji. OK I've been patient please help me find some lenses. For the past several years I've been using a Canon T3i with a 50mm which is a rather long crop and excited to expand my horizons! My subjects will be 1 year old, 2 year old, home and city around us.

Body will be XT1. (love the simplicity of x100s but the wifi interface and EVF sent me over the edge for this one).


I was looking to purchase x2 lenses now and then to pickup the 56 1.2 when it has a rebate or lower price later this year.

  • 18 2.0 + 35 1.4: This would give me a 50mm fov as a primary and then the 18mm as a walk about or perhaps some interesting shots inside with the kids and then outdoors. Both lenses are somewhat smaller in size.
  • 14 2.8 + 35.1.4: This would be a bit more expensive and the 14 obviously wider FOV and nicer glass. Would this be to wide to include any family in the shot at a distance though? 
  • 23 1.4 + 27 2.8: This would be a nice compromise with the 23 giving ability for some full length portraits and landscape with the 27 facilitating a more walk about / smaller camera needs.

I am familiar with the idea to get a kit and track most used focal lengths etc. Please do not take that idea into consideration here please assume I like the focal lengths listed above.

I'd appreciate any feedback on the above. Please note all three include a future 56 1.2 purchase and possibly a future weather resistant zoom purchase depending after that. I do like primes in general.

If you have any alternate combos / ideas I'd appreciate it and thanks in advance for your replies.

Canon EOS 600D (EOS Rebel T3i / EOS Kiss X5) Fujifilm X100S Fujifilm X-T1 Leica X2
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