Got an X-T1 and 23mm f/1.4 today. My first Fuji. I'm impressed and disappointed at the same time.

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Hi Eric

Thanks for your long and very useful post - much appreciated!

One thing you said was very interenting : "Turn off image review so you can get your viewfinder back instantly after taking a shot....". I am really interested to hear this as, on a X-E2 I tried, once the shot was taken there was a short but annoying delay (blackout) before the EVF showed the view again.

I was hoping that the X-T1 with its improvements would reduce this EVF blackout to negligible levels so your post was most encouraging. Although for a different reason (mirror flip) my 5Dii shows a momentary but totally inconsequential VF blackout after taking a shot.

So my question is just how quick is the EVF of the X-T1 to show the view again once the shutter has been pressed? Is it really as quick as a DSLR VF i.e. of no practical significance or, if not, how close does it come?



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