Diffraction Limit Discussion Continuation

Started Feb 21, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Diffraction Limit Discussion Continuation

robert1955 wrote:

You'd be 'comparing' different image sizes. This would be one more sityuation where '100% viewing' is impossible and/or useless.

OK, then let's upsample 5D to 36mp and compare at at least 100% view, or make 45x30" prints of the images. Perfectly possible to compare cameras with different MP count at the same output size. In DPR's comparison tool we can compare images downsampled to app. 8mp ('print') and app. 3mp ('web'). Would be nice if there also was a 'large print' option where the images were upsampled to for example 64mp (or even more, if we want to compare to the IQ180). Would also be useful.

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