Most of us are choosing less Megapixels but still hounded by MegaPixel Police!

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Why megapixels don't really matter

phazelag wrote:

For those arguing about 2-3MP screens, it won't be long before 8K TV's and monitors are here. There have already been 8K TV's on display at CES. I am not saying everyone needs them, but someday many people will probably have TV's that take up entire walls in their house with an enormous amount of pixels. How will your photos look on those screens? I am sure they will be good at upscaling on their own, but who knows when the day comes where people display their photos all day long on those electronic walls.

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Although not intended to do so, the post above enables me to illustrate why, providing the detail in a photograph is sufficient for the purpose, megapixels, type of camera, size of sensor etc. etc. is ultimately of no relevance.

Given the current state of the content of TV programming, with a few notable exceptions, it doesn't matter what type of TV is used to watch them. Most of the content at best serves as chewing gum for the mind, and at worse is utterly pointless, merely being a vehicle for advertising.

Photographs, no matter what the display medium, are exactly the same. It is the content, not the apparatus used, which matters.

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