Got an X-T1 and 23mm f/1.4 today. My first Fuji. I'm impressed and disappointed at the same time.

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Re: Maybe it's because I was in very low light???

ryan2007 wrote:

The Photo Ninja wrote:

Another thing that occurs to me, is that all of these pictures were shot in very low light at an average of ISO 6400. Perhaps that is why my focusing experience was less than optimal.

I would say the same photography principals apply.

If you need a f stop fixed at say F 4.0 then you have to mess with ISO. If ISO is getting too high, switch to manual exposure, use exposure compensation.

Point is and IMO Fuji X is the digital version of a manual film camera. For the heck of and with nothing to loose try shooting the Fuji X, like you would a film SLR.

Pick ISO for the scene at hand, slow the shutter speed and if you are concerned about DOF do not open the lens all the way, but bracket the exposure.

You still may need a mono-pod or table top tripod or even the cable release to help.

Nothing to loose because you are not paying for film and processing. It is just getting used to the way Fuji works and from what I have experience and again IMO, Fuji for me likes more manual input. After that go to the Auto setting to see whats what IMO.

I say skip picking ISO, this is digital after all and not film.  I just set the auto ISO range on APS-C cameras to max at 3200 and go from there.  Only time I force ISO is on a tripod.  Most of the reasons I am on a tripod I will want to use minimum ISO.

The nice thing with the dial is if you choose to set a specific ISO it is easy to see that so you don't make the mistake of leaving at wrong ISO (which is why I always use auto ISO) for those like Ryan who like to set ISO manually.

Set your minimum shutter speed to be fast enough for your subjects.

To the OP, to help focus speed, make sure you have contrast on your subjects face, you really have to have some sort of fill light or the camera will struggle.  With just a little contrast across the front of the subject the camera will focus much faster, even in low light.

Like in your subject in the first post, put a medium sized focus point right on her face, the little metal bits on her headband will be easy for the camera to focus on.  Learning to watch for high contrast areas and putting the focus point there can really help speed things up.

The bottom line is you can't treat the AF system at all like an SLR camera because they don't act the same.  Turn off image review so you can get your viewfinder back instantly after taking a shot and only review when you need to.

The other thing with EVF cameras is be sure to use the viewfinder and verify the camera is focused where it should be.  You can see if it focus on the background in a high res viewfinder.


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