Tried to buy local, no sale.

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I also had bad experience

I bought my Minolta D7i for the full $1,000 price plus tax in 2002 from a local Austin, Texas camera store because I wanted to help out local retailers and because I knew I would be able to take it back if I got it home and discovered a problem. Online I could have saved something like $150 and no sales tax, if I recall. After I had paid for the camera and was about to leave the store I was in a good mood and happy to get it home. I was talking with the salesman and said something about why I had decided to buy from them instead of online. Although from the beginning of the interaction he was not particularly friendly I didn't have any real questions since I had done research online, but when I mentioned that I was content to pay extra at their local store so that if I got it home and discovered a problem I could bring it back. He got real huffy and told me they wouldn't accept it and I would have to deal with Minolta directly. It really took me aback. I should have just told him I wanted my money back, but I had been wanting the camera for awhile and I had it in my hands so I just left. I never bought another thing from that local camera store and never will and haven't bought from any other local camera stores since then either. In the U.S. I buy online or buy at retailers in Japan.

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