Got an X-T1 and 23mm f/1.4 today. My first Fuji. I'm impressed and disappointed at the same time.

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Fuji X settings advice

I will answer and make an assumption and this for every photographer that is hopping on the Fuji X bandwagon.

Very short story first. From your history I see you are a MFT's user as I was till last year or so. I shot the GH-3 and needed a good compact and settled on the Fuji X20. The results were disappointing and I was ready to return the camera. However, I learned all about using that camera with more manual control.

With that I went to the Fuji XE-1, sold that and will get the XT-1.

Ok, here is my suggestion to at least try. I have no idea how you have your camera set, but this is how all the Fuji X cameras that I have used seem to work best.

  • Manually set Dynamic Range do not use auto. Start with 100% and leave it there
  • Dynamic Range is linked to ISO. Read the owners manual it explains it.
  • Manually set ISO to the lighting or scene at hand. Treat it as if you are shooting film and have to set ISO to get a proper meter reading.
  • Manually select AF point, do not let the camera choose
  • Be sure the XT-1 is set to FOCUS priority not RELEASE priority. I understand it comes from the factory set to release priority. This means the camera will fire regardless of focus lock.

Last, double check firmware, but typically all should be current with a new camera etc.

To the masses it is your camera to do whatever works for you this is just me and I think it is worth at least trying and go from there.

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