G1X mkII: No HDR, DR, 60fps @1080p and panorama, at such a high price?

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Re: Profesional Reviews agree with you.

Photato wrote:

skyform wrote:

I'm really dissapointed by Canon, they are far behind other companies when it comes to features. They could at least add DR, but would also prefer to have HDR and 60fps @1080p.

S120 and G16 both have 60fps and HDR so I thought that most of new Canons will have this features.

and when is Canon going to include sweep panorama for the first time in one of their cameras, like in 20 years?

This is not accaptable!

Don't bother about other people dismissing your comments and valid criticism. Professional Reviews agree with you.

I have read many Canon reviews raising this issue, including this site.

For Panoramas at least, it needs to have a alignment facility to help you guide you when shift/rotateing the camera. Hacked firmware can do that and some of the Old Powershots too, my ancient G5 has it.

60fps is also a very helpful feature for those making videos, is definitively not a gimmick, pro video gear has it. Even my Powershot Elph has it!

I guess Canon think it can get away with it, so they withhold certain features.

We'll see how it sells. According to the stats on the right "Most Popular Camera" nobody is too interested in it.

If it bothers so much I advice you to forget about this camera and find something that match your needs better.

I hope Canon is reading this and come out with firmware update to include all these features. It seems this camera is rushed to the market.

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