Nikon D4 Assymetrical Problem Follow-up (February 2014)

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Re: I have said before, please don't question my mental well-being & OT

surrephoto wrote:

o> Robin Casady wrote:

surrephoto wrote:

jjnik wrote:

surrephoto wrote:

Canadianguy wrote:

Let me see if I have this correct:

You have been using a defective camera since June 2012 and delivering sub-par images to your clients while collecting full payment from them?

Isn’t this like someone at a restaurant who complaints about the food after eating the whole plate and asking for a full refund? If you don’t like something after the first bite – stop eating it and ask them to redo it or order something else – don’t keep eating it.

If I have a piece of equipment that was required for me to deliver my end product and it was not working properly – I would stop using it as I don’t want my end product to be affected and have upset clients.

Do you have upset clients, do you have clients complaining about un-sharp images? If not – good for you and please keep producing great work for your clients and please stop complaining.

If you have upset clients, please switch to a camera that can deliver great products for your clients and sue Nikon for any lost income from your upset clients.

I have explained all this in previous threads.

Exactly - numerous previous threads. Give it a rest - Nikon has confirmed that your camera is in spec and they will do nothing further to address your "issue" no matter how much you complain here. in fact, I'm really not sure not sure what you hope to accomplish by posting here? What's next - maybe try this outside their corporate HQ and see if it gets you better results - let us know how you make out....

The purpose of my thread is to keep the issue well & alive.

All too often have people been ignored, silenced & isolated by Nikon with various tactics such as legal threats.

There is no issue here, other than the question of your sanity. Your camera is within Nikon specifications. Nikon cannot and will not conform to your fantasy of what it should be.

I would very much to prefer if you keep within topic and not question my sanity. It is a very weak attempt to discredit me. If I am really insane, you'd better thank those insane guys who proved the 1D3, D800, D600 & 1DX issues.

I would much prefer that you not try to exploit this forum for your irrational vendetta. You have refused to use testing methods suggested here in previous threads of yours, so your issue does not have credibility. You are simply trying to blackmail Nikon into doing what you want by continuing to pollute this forum with your accusations.

Nikon has gone to great lengths to try to help you. Yet you continue to make the same complaint over and over.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
—Albert Einstein, (attributed)

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"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please."
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