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photoreddi wrote:

Lightpath48 wrote:

Congratulations! I love my X-S1. It's serial number is 21 _ _ _. And even though it has all of the maladies so many fear, it works beautifully for me. The firmware upgrade handles all but the most stubborn orb situations, and I rarely see one. The many strengths of the X-S1 far outweigh even all of its foibles put together. I hope you will enjoy yours!

I recall that several of the X10 owners that were first in line to get their orby sensors replaced reported that while the orbs were pretty much a thing of the past, the image quality seemed to take a slight hit, and that led many X10 owners to say that they wouldn't sent their cameras to Fuji to have the sensors replaced. So it's possible that most of the time when your old X-S1's photos aren't afflicted with orbs, its images may have slightly better IQ than what I can get from my "fixed" X-S1.

It would be interesting if any of the X-S1 owners that have both an early and a recent X-S1 would take the time to compare them with respect to IQ, particularly the contrast and acuity.

I had an early x10 and loved it except for the orbs that I managed to get most of the time. Sent it in for the sensor and was so dissatisfied with the image quality after the swap that I sold it rather than send it back for some other 'adjustments'.

I purchased an early XS1 and sent in for the sensor swap, fuji usa gave me a new one instead (with improved sensor). I saw/see nothing but improvements with the newer sensor in the XS1.


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