Mirrorless Spanked at 2014 World Press Photo Comp.

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Re: It's all fraude! Canon is headsponsor!

stevo23 wrote:

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HetFotoAtelier wrote:

I think you insult World Press Photo (which incidentally is based in your country) by suggesting that it is influenced by one of its sponsors.

You might like to see how the independent judging process works:


I don't think judging has anything to do with sponsoring. Having Canon sponsor the event that happens to be dominated by Canon users is no coincidence - however that happens. It's just that the winners were judged on the merits of their work. But this doesn't mean that all the Canons that showed up for the dance were just random guys off the street. Certainly every Canon pro out there was blasted with requests to enter.

I don't think so. Canon does not release its customer databases to any third party and certainly not to WPP. And if any Canon users, particularly CPS Members, have received an invitation directly from Canon to enter the WPP contests then let them say so here.

Being able to use the one tag line - "the most represented camera was the 1DX with the 5dIII and 5DII in a tie for second" is exactly why Canon sponsored the event.

Of course - but that's not the same thing at all as deliberately massaging the number of entries from Canon users. In some years the winners' equipment approximately reflects the market shares of the companies that make professional photo products but in other years they do not.

To somehow hold the World Press Photo thing as some pantheon of honesty and integrity is like saying that journalists are unbiased. (We know they should be, but come on.)

Well that was the reason behind my earlier point about the independent judging process. Of course the judges are human and as such they well have their own preferences which might not coincide with yours or mine. But the judging is blind in that the judges do not know at the judging stage the names of the entrants and they certainly don't know (or care) what equipment the photos were taken with.

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