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Hm, I have slightly different memories ...

nuke12 wrote:

There was a time when people were polite and helpful. A time before before internet sites that carried forums. I used FIDO and newsgroups before places like this ever existed. The rule was that if you couldn't be polite, you said nothing.

You must have been on very different newsgroups then the ones I frequented

Even the early days of forums were pretty decent. People seemed to, some how lose the ability to discuss and disagree on a subject without becoming rude. It's like being rude will up the ante and win the discussion.

That, I would say is either a case of very selective memory or nostalgia painting over the cracks

Back in the 80's I helped out on a local photo magazine, one of the chores you had to endure as a rookie in the editorial environment was to sift through the letters sent to the magazine. That was when I first realized there is a lot of very angry people using cameras ... But there was also a lot of very helpful people, some witty, a few downright crazy ones ... In all, a mix of high and low, good and bad, positive and negative.

In the 90's I did work a lot with software translation (localization), systems testing and system administration, and ended up following a number of computer related usernet newsgroups. And there was a lot of wonderfully helpful people, but also a fair amount of trolls, ignorant people and some oddly angry ones. But overall a mix.

Now since 2004-2005 I have been following a number of forums here at Dpreview, this one in particular. And to no surprise at all - here is a mix of wonderfully helpful people,quite a few witty and funny ones, many knowledgeable and interesting ones, and - as always - also a number of trolls, misfits, angry people and some who have no bad intentions, but lacks the social skills to behave in a forum. Overall, a mix. As usual, and as always, regardless of technology used to make people discuss things they are passionate about.

Do you know which is the most vicious 'forum' I have ever seen? A stereo/hifi newsgroup a friend of mine followed back in the late 90's ... That was a nasty place who make Dpreview look like a kindergarten But between the flame wars and brawls, it was also filled with a lot of useful information and worth the trouble. Also some of the mailing lists/news groups for BSD/Unix/Linux people have had periods where you really needed a thick skin ...

Someone else wrote that forums like these tend to turn a bit nasty whenever there is a period of little news and people are bored. That matches my experiences too. And there are always periods when there are bad news as well ... Anyone remember the D200 banding discussions? Or the DX vs fullframe discussions back when D2x and D2H was Nikons top cameras? Things like this come and go, don't worry to much about it.

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