Mirrorless Spanked at 2014 World Press Photo Comp.

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Re: Full quote from Reichmann

dinoSnake wrote:

dinoSnake wrote:

"Reichmann took only 4/3 lenses on the trip, because he obviously believed the Olympus marketing, that the AF solution was competitive with good DSLRs."

Reichmann took only 4/3 lenses on the trip, because he obviously believed the Olympus marketing, that the PDAF on-chip solution was competitive with good DSLR PDAF. Reichmann failed to pack and use native m43 CDAF lenses, therefore negating any performance benefits they may have brought him under the conditions.

There, fixed it for you.

If he could not trust the marketing in the first instance (4/3 lenses), why would he trust it in the other instance (m43 lenses)? For a trip that costs 15.000 dollars?

That is the unprofessional way to do it (to get back to the subject in te OP.s post). Better to use stuff that he knows by experience is up to the task.

That is a completely ridiculous reply and one that shows a tremendous personal bias. I would expect more from a poster on this forum.

In essence, your statement is that, regardless of proven test and field results using exclusively native lenses, a camera system that is also backward-compatible with legacy lenses where the performance of the aforementioned is significantly lower than native should be completely dismissed.

OK - "proven test and field results"? - where are those? Of "nailing focus of penguins porpoising and whales sounding"? That is just the problem - there is no proven track record of how m43 with native lenses would behave in the situation on the Antarctic trip.

Paying 15.000 dollars for such a trip and hoping for the best that m43 equipment would behave as well as the proven DSLRs, is that smart?

You should seriously reexamine the statement and consider a retraction before credibility is questioned.

Please, behave like a  balanced person.

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