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PaleRiderBath wrote:

Hehe. I wasted loads of film doing this in the 80's. Between this and shooting macros by holding a 50/1.8 lens on backwards, I probably kept Boots in business for a couple of years. Got pretty good at it in the end though.

Nice to be reminds about it; I might try it again with digital now.

I have done some film freelensing with my ARAX-CM (Kiev 88) and Contax 645 but not a huge amount.  It is very easy with digital and costs nothing to practise it, unlike with film!

(I used to do macro before I started to specialise in portraiture.  Reverse mounted lenses onto the body or a 50/1.2 reverse mounted onto say a 200mm via the filter thread.  This was all digital though as I started with digital and then went in reverse and back to film).

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