Canon leads easily in the PJ/documentary market

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Re: Canon leads easily in the PJ/documentary market

M Lammerse wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote:

D4 seems to need an injection of market energy. Interestingly D700 still the most used Nikon by that group. Nikon seem have made a few mistakes inthe last few years and lost the initial D3/D700 momentum.

Canons' are indeed incredible popular. Most of my colleagues using Canon for news coverage and sports coverage. But it's also has some regional reasons. In Europe and the US Canon is more in favor than in for example Japan, although still leading.

The D700 replacement might bring some change to it but most of the market is already determined and Nikon knows that very well.


I know several working PJs, admittedly small town rural America, that use Canon exclusively primarily due to the excellent service and support that they claim to get from CPS. Most working PJs have to work hand to mouth, none are getting rich, any support that they get from a supplier is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately NPS is not held in the same high regard.

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