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I have only recently got my D2Hs secondhand. Having originally brought a D40 three years ago, I quickly found I wanted something with more manual control and moved on the a D200. I found this much better and loved the jpegs SOOC however found I didn't like shooting with it in portrait with the battery grip and the battery life was shocking. I have found the D2Hs much better in this regard it just feels better in my hands and find now using the D200 I miss the faster shutter blackout and bigger viewfinder.

I therefore will probably let the D200 go to finance a Nikkor 12-24 f4 despite it being a great camera and will keep the D40 if I need something light and as my wife finds it easy to use.

I largely only use my 35mm f1.8 on mine as I take a lot of photos of my kids indoors.

Despite 'only' having 4MPixels it produces lovely pictures and since getting it have started to shoot raw and find the files easy to process thru Darktable compared to the files from the D200.

I understand this camera has been a bit of a 'marmite' camera to many over the years, but for me, I love the handling so much with the built in vertical grip I find it odd using a camera without one. I don't have the money for a D3 etc so the D2Hs has met my needs perfectly. I'm sure there are newer cameras that are considerably better image quality wise and my D200 really is a lovely camera, however I cannot see myself parting with my D2Hs until it dies.

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