What is a 'Pro' Photographer, really?

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Re: 'Pro' Photographer, defined precisely

jkoch2 wrote:

A professional photographer is someone who earns a living by photography without relying on other jobs, revenues, family income, investments, or public relief. Whether that business or occupation earns them as much as some other activity (such as waiting tables or laying drainpipe) is another matter.

Most often, this means someone who "does" weddings, graduations, anniversaries, reunions, corporate events, or documents for products or training. Real estate and insurance make a lot of use of photography, but the workers spend most time on things besides photography. More and more, anyone who survives in the journalism field has to be jack of all trades. Retail photography service stores related to film developing or camera repairs, have been decimated by digital photography and phone cameras.

It's all about making a living and paying rent, not about attitude or the cameras owned.

While I agree with your basic premise, a 'professional' need not be financially successful at it. Indeed, like any freelance professional, it might well be a struggle to pay the rent  at times I imagine. The aim would certainly be to pay the rent, but a professional could well be a professional in several distinct businesses at the same time, to pay that rent. They could be employed or be self employed or a mixture of both.

I don't believe that you can lump all people into some distinct category. Life has more colours than black and white or any shade thereof.

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