Most of us are choosing less Megapixels but still hounded by MegaPixel Police!

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Re: Most of us are choosing less Megapixels but still hounded by MegaPixel Police!

phazelag wrote:

I have been on a lot more forums than my usual brands lately I am noticing that the megapixel police are still out in force.

Here is a list of my cameras where I have deliberately chosen less megapixels in hopes for better low light performance, lower noise, better signal to noise ratio.

HTC one camera phone - 4MP when the top phones have 8 and 13MP. The sensor on the HTC One is much larger than an iPhone. So I wanted to see if there is anything to it and it does help, but I think I lose too much resolution in good light.

Canon G11, Olympus XZ-1, Panasonic LF-1, Panasonic FZ200. I bought all of these cameras at 10 and 12MP when there are plenty of options in the 16-20MP range.

For DSLR's and M43rds I decided on other factors not MegaPixels. I think this is the case for the vast majority of informed pros or enthusiasts on these forums. Most of us regulars have been putting our MegaPixels where our mouth is and choosing less for years. But every day on here when someone requests or expresses a preference for a few more megapixels for which they have valid points and reasons to use those, they are immediately lectured by the MegaPixel Police with stories of noise and diffraction.

It would just be refreshing to be able to talk about MegaPixels without having to endure the onslaught of comments from people who assume you have never considered the value of less MegaPixels.

And yes I crop to zoom all the time, it works, is useful to me and I will continue to do it and the MegaPixel Police are not going to stop me! LOL! I think DPreview should let us click a button next to the like button on a thread to report megapixel police and once they get 10 reports they get a little siren icon beside their name like a MOD icon!

Well if megapixels were the be all, and end all, of digital photography the D4 wouldn't be 16 mps. For some it will always be about how many pixels can dance on the head of a pin. I liken it to auto enthusiasts who only consider the size of an engine, and forget about a cars handling agility.

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