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gbert15 wrote:

ajamils1 wrote:

Any news from Henry's? They are still saying 3-4 weeks for shipment to arrive. I told them that a lot of stores have already started shipping them and I was told that no one in North America has received shipment from Fuji yet

That sucks!

I ordered from them as well but caved in today and bought one from kenmore camera! Hopefully mine will get here next week but I still have some lens orders @ henrys! Will just sell the camera I get from henrys when it gets here!

Unfortunately, that's what I will have to do as well because I asked them yesterday and got the same reply that that my camera will be shipped out in mid March. Since I already scored one from B&H (will be delivered next week). I'll keep my Henry's order and sell it once it arrive. The only issue is that due to delay in camera shipment, my lenses are being held hostage as well because they will be shipped with the camera.

If Henry's does not have it why not just cancel? Is this for the battery grip?

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