Mirrorless Spanked at 2014 World Press Photo Comp.

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Did not work so well

dinoSnake wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

Bill Robb wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

It means that none of the alleged advantages of mirrorless have even slightly trickled down to this specific group of serious photographers.

And is this supposed to be somehow significant? Really? It's significant that out of 55 photographers world wide, none are using a specific camera type?

Yes. Very.

Your world is a very, very tiny little place, isn't it?

Would it be fair to say that film has gone the way of the Dodo because a person could find a sampling of a handful of photographers who don't use film?

Yes. Very.

You enjoy your blissful ignorance, don't you?

Are you old enough to remember when 35mm cameras first arrived in a big way in the late 1950s, and the pros wouldn't touch them? Did you see how fast they were adopted by pros within the decade?

I invite you to track this particular group of people and come back in five years and report what sort of penetration mirrorless cameras have made in their very, very small niche market.

Ah, you mean like the pros who have switched ALREADY and are blogging about it? Like Reichmann, who used an EM-1 exclusively on the Antarctica trip?

Seems like it did not work out to well. Did you read about his experience regarding AF?

"People shooting beside me with Nikons and Canons were nailing focus of penguins porpoising and whales sounding, but I was left standing there with my lenses racking back and forth."


Like the pros switching to mirrorless ILC cameras for their personal use, as an experiment, and liking the results? Like Sciorio of SCBP,and many other pros who switched for their day-to-day professional use? Like the videographers who switch to GH-series cameras, one of the most respected still-video hybrids?

SLR won't be going anywhere for a while. However, would SLR supporters PLEASE stop misrepresenting - outright lying? - about the facts. mILC sales might not be large in America or Europe but, SORRY, that is NOT the entire world (regardless of what they think). mILC's are selling quite well in Asia, thank you very much, so the fact that you choose not to take the design seriously does not mean that the rest of the world shares your opinion.

I am trying not to rally mILC support, I am trying to get the idea through that other people have other opinions, in all things, and simply because you and your neighbors don't like something does not make that law.

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