Most of us are choosing less Megapixels but still hounded by MegaPixel Police!

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Re: I made a few mistakes. I will own it and clarify.

quadrox wrote:

I am sorry, but now I am completely confused about what point you are trying to make, except that some people make posts based on unwarranted assumptions. On that part I fully agree, but the underlying point I cannot understand.

Are you arguing against increasing MP? For increasing MP? A specific MP count?

And who exactly is the MP police and what do they claim?

I am not arguing for or against megapixels. I think others have read my original post and understood my point to a degree, but it was clearly not designed for people not familiar with what goes on in many forums.

How about this;  I am trying to say its possible to want more megapixels but at the same time be wise enough to make informed decisions that in many cases causes many of us to choose less over more.

I am baffled why that point above is not coming though to you.  And that was the point of my original post.

The cameras I listed are excellent examples in their respective categories that are universally known for having better image qualities than very similar cameras with high megapixels.  And yes the megapixel police it the slang term many people who give those who preach about how lower megapixels is always better.

Again I am saying many of us make informed decisions about cameras and commonly choose less megapixels, but when ever we ask for, request, dream of, or even consider the possibility of more megapixels, there is a line off comments by guys who think they know it all that proceed to tell us  how absurd we are for wanting more and why we already have too many, etc.

So if you have not seen this, good for you but put the work MegaPixels in the title of a thread saying you want more and see how many people tell you that you don't need them.  All of them are the MegaPixel Police.

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