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Dutchpepper wrote:

davewilliams000 wrote:

I've just bought a Metz 44 AF-1 for my a58. Any tips? Did you have the flash on camera for those and/or were you bouncing it off the ceiling?

I will be trying to get some nice shots at my Niece's first birthday party at the end of this week.

Hi Dave, #1 I had the flash place behind the subject to get the nice light in her hair. and had a Diffuser on the pop up flash to soften the flash like this one Flash Diffuser it was a bit fiddly to get on but once worked out it really works well for wireless flash. But I don't know if it will fit the a58 but I've even used a bit of white paper and it works fine.

#2 Flash on camera but pointing backwards over my shoulder and reflecting off a white door giving a softer light onto the subject (I really like doing this)

#3 flash was on camera with a mini softbox like this Softbox

#4 I had the flash off to the left and diffuser on pop-up flash.

I also got myself one of these Metz Diffuser really handy

These things are all great if you don't have a good ceiling or wall to bounce off and they don't cost to much

Hope this helps, I'm still learning as well so if you come up with some great ideas let me know.

One thing about the flash it doesn't do HSS, but I've just manged to find myself a "good as new" Sony HVL-F36AM for 65 euro so now I can play around with 2 off camera flashes!


Craig, thanks for your reply. I have the pixel diffuser for the flash you mentioned (and also their flash table stand and TTL cable).

I'm dissapointed it doesn't do HSS, as the metz manual does mention it, but I guess that part doesn't apply to the Sony version of the flash. However I've gotten it to flash on a burst shot (6 fps on my a58 for RAW) on every shot by setting it to manual and 1/64 power, so this will be useful for doing water droplet shots.

I might have a go at making my own softbox with some card for the sides and white paper at the front.

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