G1X mkII: No HDR, DR, 60fps @1080p and panorama, at such a high price?

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Re: G1X mkII: No HDR, DR, 60fps @1080p and panorama, at such a high price?

skyform wrote:

I'm really dissapointed by Canon, they are far behind other companies when it comes to features. They could at least add DR, but would also prefer to have HDR and 60fps @1080p.

S120 and G16 both have 60fps and HDR so I thought that most of new Canons will have this features. and when is Canon going to include sweep panorama for the first time in one of their cameras, like in 20 years? This is not acceptable!

After 2 years, the G1X mkII should have had many more features built into it, such as:

  1. Video with 60 fps @ 1080p should be mandatory, even cheaper P&S cameras have it
  2. Sweep panorama mode is not that hard to implement, even cheaper P&S cameras have it
  3. It should have an upgraded sensor with at least 16 MP's, even cheaper P&S cameras have it
  4. It should have a newer and improved sensor DxO rating of 70-75 instead of only 60 :/
  5. It should have more external controls, at least one on the top plate or under the shutter button
  6. It should have a built in EVF of some kind
  7. It should have a swiveling touch panel display
  8. It should have PDAF on sensor for good tracking
  9. It should have weather proofing!!!

Without any of these features, I'm sure the competition will come out with a camera with most of them and a higher efficient 1" sensor in the near future. Image quality (still to be determined) is one thing, but handling and features is what sells cameras along with IQ. Canon definitely skimped on features on this upgrade of the G1X and I don't think it will be a big seller. There is more to a camera now a days than just a large sensor and good lens, which has not proven itself yet. I think waiting to see what the Nikon P8000 comes out with around the same time may be a good idea. Although I think the lens specs 'look good', that is about all it has going for it, but only 13 MP's is a major draw back for that size sensor. Even if Canon included 5 or 6 of the 9 features above, it would have been a very exiting upgrade for an $800 P&S camera. They sure left a lot out of this camera, IMO!

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