What is a 'Pro' Photographer, really?

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Re: It's your job and it might be part time.

JTC111 wrote:

Glenn NK wrote:

Mike_PEAT wrote:

You make regular money from it, you're a pro....you don't, you're an amateur.

Not saying pro is better...I know many amateurs who are better and more serious about photography than most of the pros I have met.

I used to be proud to say I wasn't a pro...but I got a job offer I couldn't refuse so now it's my day job.

What if you do photography and make regular money from it but have another part time job from which you earn more money?

I'm not picking an argument with you - rather I suggest that we could discuss this topic forever and never come to a definition or conclusion. In short, the time would be better spent doing anything else - particularly photography even if we didn't earn any money from it. There are so many lame topics on photo forums (not just this one) that it makes my head spin and my eyes water.

I don't think there is a definitive definition for this, but in response to your question, I'd argue people can have more than one profession. Someone might be an engineer during the week but a wedding photographer on the weekends. That person is certainly a professional photographer, as far as I'm concerned.
Using my own life as another example, I'm a high school teacher but I'm also a singer/songwriter whose music has appeared on a number of television shows for which I get a royalty check every 3 months. It's not a lot of money but it satisfies the IRS in that I can claim music gear and instruments as business deductions on my tax return. So I'm a professional musician ...something I really never thought would happen.

After reading all the posts, many of which are at odds with each other, it's becoming apparent that your statement is correct - there is no strict definition.

BTW, this has been discussed on various forums many times with the same result - bandwidth used up with no conclusion - this thread will have the same result as it must inevitably have.

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