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gazis wrote:

billythek wrote:

billythek wrote:

The question you didn't answer was, did you check with your card company as to why they declined the charge?
- Bill

Hi Bill,

I did; there was no record of a charge attempted from Adorama, let alone a declined one. The balance of the credit card was sufficient at the time I issued the order and thereafter. So it seems there was not even an attempt to carry out the order from the retailer side.



Well, you had a different experience than I have had in many transactions with Adorama.

You are out no money. They didn't take your money and ship you the wrong product. The deal just didn't happen.

And we have just your side of the story as to what happened.

Not really; the email thread I made available through a public URL also includes the story from the side of Adorama as well.

Yes, they said your credit card declined the charge, and they tried to contact you about it, but you didn't respond.  We have just your word that didn't happen that way.

When I buy something online, I check to see how things are going.  First, I expect to see an email saying the order went through.  Second, I expect to see a shipping notice with at tracking number.  Then I go check out the tracking number at the shipper to watch the progress.  Once I see that the shipper has picked up the box, I'm fairly confident that the deal went through. There have been a few times that a shipper (not Adorama) was slow to ship, so I had to send a follow-up email.

Looks like you didn't do any of that, and didn't even check up on them for a month.  Well, from my point of view, you are at least partially to blame for not staying on top of the deal.  And, frankly, I'm inclined to believe their side of the story.

I've never had problems with Adorama, and I've purchased many items from them.  Of course, if you don't like them, you have every right to choose someone else to do business with.

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- Bill

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