Micro Four Thirds Focal Reducer Shootout

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Re: OM lenses can use EF focal reducers

Sierra Dave wrote:

zuikowesty wrote:

Kameraphil wrote:

I'm guessing: when there is a large number of users, there will be an adapter (as it needs to sell).

Although I'm originally an OM film cameras users, most of the legacy lenses I'm now using with my Micro 4/3 are Nikon. I don't know if this is the case with other users.

OM lenses are a dying breed because there are no current SLRs to support them. I'm very sorry to say.

Apparently those who paid very good money for my OM lenses don't know that...

But I imagine there is a bit more involved in making an optical adapter than just a mount adapter.

Nope, that's pretty much the extent of it.

But if the optics used are the same in each, it shouldn't take much to correct for flange distance, etc.

OM lenses are still the most compact and high quality available, and are a natural fit for MFT as a result.

Most compact? They'll certainly be larger than any comparable native lenses.

I meant more compact than other 35mm lenses. But in some cases the OM lenses with adapter are not much larger than MZ lenses - 85/2 is an example compared with 75/1.8.

In any case, you can easily get the Canon EF version, plus a $10 EF-OM adapter to use your OM lenses. I daresay most OM lenses that get used today are on Canon EF mount bodies.

I hadn't considered that option, thanks. I expect my OM 85/2 and 21/3.5 recently sold are probably being used on a Canon body. I don't mind, as the demand for these great lenses allowed me to buy my E-M5!

As far as the metabones adapter goes, at the price, it would be a long time before I could justify it. Uses for MF lenses are limited for me, as part of the reason I stopped shooting OMs was my increasing difficult with MF. The focus assist in MFT bodies is great, but still only useful with stationary subjects, for me at least.

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