>>>>Weekly "Is it ART?"<<<< Thread, February 22, 2014

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Erik Ohlson
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>>>>Weekly "Is it ART?"<<<< Thread, February 22, 2014

I'm still looking forward to seeing your "Artistic" photos - no need for realism! Things that have caught your eye, or things you have created.

Please post your "Artistic" shots - any camera, any time, even old film shots / scans.

Please reply to this first post and change the subject line at the top to reflect YOUR picture, so replies will indicate what picture is being commented on.

Please let people post photos for a day or so before posting comments so the photos get a good display for all to see.

Here's one. I'm not sure: Is it "Art" ?

A skewed-light shot of a Kodachrome slide: Kodachrome had so many layers of gelatin emulsion that the image formed a relief pattern on the back of the film due to the thickness of the various color layers.

Here's the picture from that slide:

Delivering beer from a Small Brewery in the south of France. (Budweiser has bigger horsesĀ  )

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