D700 amateur user wonders why D4s has no built in flash

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depends on the usage

LD_50 wrote:

I've owned the D700 and D4. I never missed the on-board flash on the D4, other than to use it as a flash commander.

Instead I would prefer Nikon implement a built in radio controlled flash command setup for the Dx line along with built in GPS and Wi-Fi and IR control, as well as a few other items.

i agree. i would like to have radio flash, and GPS. radio controlled will be more reliable, and i currently keep my gps hooked up to my d800e.

The built-in flash on the D700 and my mobile phone and every other camera I've owned has been so inferior to dedicated flash units that I've never found them useful.

not totally inferior. they are handy features

Having the most features doesn't make a "professional" camera. Typically the point and shoots and definitely mobile phones will have more features, but they won't meet the demands of the target audience for the Dx series for the type of work those cameras are designed for.

not exactly. i see it other way, if it is cheap enough to provide those, there are times when you can use them. of course one can always perma-tape the flash or nikon can provide a body with and without. I can bet they will sell more with flash.

anyway, here are couple of samples of the "inferior" features that you talk about.

fill flash for the leaves above/foreground. they were darkish otherwise.

remote flash - side flash instead of the front without additional hardware (just a single sb800 and onboard flash)

I don't understand your concern with the Dx series if it clearly doesn't meet your needs as well as the D700. Your Ferrari analogy is equally perplexing in that people don't cross shop Ferraris and Datsuns because they are designed and priced for different uses.

Why not buy a D800? How can it be too late? It's as good today as it was yesterday and as good tomorrow as well. If it meets your needs, buy it and use it.

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