African safari D800E backup: anything better than D610?

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Re: African safari D800E backup: anything better than D610?

someone on one of these forums not too long ago was arguing that some of the more "plastic-y" bodies were less susceptible to this sort of breakage since the plastic, while very strong, has more "give" than metal -- meaning that it would flex more before breaking, as well as retaining its shape if stressed.

what a shame it is to break one's camera! but it happens, sometimes due to carelessness, or else... well, what can you say? i'm sure some photographic safaris have come to a premature end when the gear was run over by a vehicle, or else dropped into the water (although this seems more a hazard for people who insist upon setting up their tripod's in the rushing surf).

in the event that some unforeseen tragedy brings your D800 to an untimely end, it almost defies statistical odds that a D600 wouldn't be robust enough to allow one to carry on -- unless, of course, it was run over with a vehicle as well!

in that case, perhaps photography would have been the wrong choice for a hobby in the first place.

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